Mold Blocker

MOLD BLOCKER technology uses green and non-toxic botanicals to eliminate mold growth and future mold growth. The Mold Blocker teams at Trident Waterproofing are all certified in the removal and disinfection process of mold and mold growth.

The Botanical Disinfecting process is proven and time tested to kill over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi spores. The citric acid is the main component to Mold Blocker technology, it does not have the traditional synthetic chemicals such as ammonia or chlorine. Which makes it safe to apply around children and pets!

All mold products are EPA registered for the use of mold remediation in homes, businesses and government buildings, daycare facilities and on children's toys!

This new generation of mold disinfectants works 30 times faster then traditional disinfectants and provides 24 hour residual efficacy .

• Lowest Toxicity Rating (Category IV)
• Has No PPE Requirements
• Requires No Rinse after use

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